Disabling SSL pinning by hooking SecTrustEvaluate(...) on iOS 11

May 27, 2018


My motivation to start this research was simple. I wanted to see HTTPs traffic of Viber on iOS 11.0.1 with Electra 1.0.4. I tried SSLKillSwitch2, but it didn’t disable SSL pinning. I have no idea why. Anyway, I did a research and wrote a simple script to disable SSL pinning in Viber by hooking just a single iOS Security framework function SecTrustEvaluate(...).

How SecTrustEvaluate(...) works

The function declaration is

OSStatus SecTrustEvaluate(SecTrustRef trust, SecTrustResultType *result);

Here is the functions arguments according to Apple official docu:

The function evaluates the trust manager object: extract the certificates and check rules from the object, and check the certificates against the rules. If the check result is ok, the function writes kSecTrustResultProceed (=1) to result and returns 0 for success.

How to patch SecTrustEvaluate(...)

I wrote a Frida JS script. It patches SecTrustEvaluate(...). As result, the patched function

The script code:

	 killSSL.js Frida script
	 by Dima Kovalenko
		1. Run Viber on the device
		2. Inject the script to the process:
			$ frida -U -n Viber  -l path/to/killSSL.js
		3. SSL pinning in Viber HTTPs is
		   disabled. Now you can intercept
		   Viber HTTPs requests, e.g. with

// Are we debugging it?
DEBUG = true;

function main() {
	// Get SecTrustEvaluate address
	var SecTrustEvaluate_prt = Module.findExportByName("Security", "SecTrustEvaluate");
	if (SecTrustEvaluate_prt == null) {
		console.log("[!] Security!SecTrustEvaluate(...) not found!");
	// Create native function wrappers for SecTrustEvaluate
	var SecTrustEvaluate = new NativeFunction(SecTrustEvaluate_prt, "int", ["pointer", "pointer"]);
	// Hook SecTrustEvaluate
	Interceptor.replace(SecTrustEvaluate_prt, new NativeCallback(function(trust, result) {
		// Show "hit!" message if we are in debugging mode
		if (DEBUG) console.log("[*] SecTrustEvaluate(...) hit!");
		// Call original function
		var osstatus = SecTrustEvaluate(trust, result);
		// Change the result to kSecTrustResultProceed
		Memory.writeU8(result, 1);
		// Return errSecSuccess
		return 0;
	}, "int", ["pointer", "pointer"]));
	// It's done!
	console.log("[*] SecTrustEvaluate(...) hooked. SSL should be pinning disabled.");	

// Run the script

The result (some examples):

Does it work for Viber only?

I tested the script on iPhone 5s running iOS 11.0.1 with Electra 1.0.4. It worked for

It didn’t work for AppStore. I did not test it with other versions of Viber or iOS, with other apps, or on other devices. So I’m not sure it will work for you.

WARNING! If you wanna try to use the script, do it on your own risk. Stable and safe work of the script is not guaranteed.

Happy reversing! :)

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